In 2013, Hans David Rearick started Yofima in Los Angeles, California to grow his personal training business and bring health & wellness experts to clients nationwide. Hans realized that although as a personal trainer he was supporting his client’s goals of weight-loss, lean muscle mass production and cardiovascular benefits, more could be done. He saw an opportunity to expand what he could do for clients in relation to flexibility, mindfulness, muscle recovery and relaxation. To fill these gaps, Hans utilized yoga teachers and massage therapists to expand into a full service health and wellness solution. Upon doing so, he launched his new venture “Yofima”, which included a convenient app for the new company’s service provider team and it’s clients to connect in multiple cities nationwide.

With a commitment to excellence, Hans curated top talent in each market to ensure consistent quality regardless of the city a client is from. All providers have multiyear experience, carry a $1M liability policy, are CPR certified and maintain continuing education. Additionally, Yofima knows you are unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all program for you to follow. Yofima designs a unique program just for you, built around your needs and work/life constraints.


As Covid-19 temporarily shut down in-person appointments, Yofima quickly turned to virtual training to support it’s clients and stay on track. Now, years after the start of the pandemic, we are still utilizing virtual sessions as part of a comprehensive and flexible training system. Now as an added benefit you can take your trainer and/or yoga teacher on the road with you, so your health doesn’t take a backseat when you travel!

Contact us today to get more info and prioritize your health with a cohesive wellness approach.