Yofima supplies you with professional wellness providers who specialize in Yoga, Fitness and Massage. All of our providers are trained professionals with multiyear experience, who carry a $1M liability insurance policy, are CPR certified, and continue to pursue their educations in their respective fields.

We provide the very best Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers and Massage Therapists found in the industry. Our core product is to provide you with a wellness team of each provider type that is dedicated to you. Having a consistent provider for service ensures consistent progress. Your providers work together as a team, to create a customized holistic approach unique to your health needs. After each of your sessions, your providers leave each other detailed notes in our Yofima app so each of them have the intel needed to

adapt to your changing needs. These notes are always viewable to you and combined four times per year into a quarterly progress report.

We understand you may not need all three of our services, or perhaps you are already working with a service provider whom you have a connection with. That is totally ok! Yofima provides flexible service plans whether you need one, two, or all three service types.

You are unique in your physical makeup, history, work/life constraints and needs. We understand that and cater our services to you. Do you travel often and need a provider who can keep you on track? Are you experiencing a high demand at work and your time is limited? Do you want a provider who can travel with you? We can provide solutions to all of these situations and more.

Yofima is here to support you in your health and wellness, in the ways that make sense for your life.